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The Sarah C. Pickering Scholarship

Inaugurated at the Annual Meeting on June 15, 2008, the Sarah C. Pickering Scholarship was created in keeping with the Pickering Foundation’s mission to be a vital community educational resource where history, preservation, and the Pickering family’s story come to life.

Every year since, the Board of Trustees has elected to give away a yearly scholarship to a student at Salem High School who has shown interest in the study of American history and has a solid understanding of the significance of history in our society. Each year’s scholar is selected by the History Department at Salem High School.

The Scholarship was named after the late Sarah C. (“Sally”) Pickering, a longtime resident of the Pickering House and a beloved member of the Salem community, who passed away in January 2008. Wife of John Pickering X, Sally and her family moved into the Pickering House in 1967, becoming the 10th generation to reside there and making the home the oldest house in American to be continuously occupied by the same family.

Here is the roster of our Sarah C. Pickering Scholars:

2008    Anne Brooke Grasberger

2009    Vanessa Marshall

2010    Sean Lineham

2011    Sabrina Bazile

2012    Jaclyn Jermyn

2013    Will McCarthy & Emma Wiliamson

2014    Sophie Leiton Toomey

2015    Autumn Pattison & Bridget Ayers

2016    Sophia Blake

2017    Amanda Jimenez

2018    William Mohler

2019    Gwendolyn Robinson

2020    Jillian Flynn

2021     Nathalie Wessell

2022    Christa Stewart