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Sunday Lecture: Introducing “Eastward of Good Hope”

Sunday, January 21, 2024

12:30 pm

Professor Dane Morrison, Salem State University

Eastward of Good Hope began as a corrective to the long historiography of early American encounters beyond the Atlantic Ocean after the Revolution,” reports Professor Morrison. The breadth of these treatments, traditional and modern, has tended to romanticize “adventurous” travels to the “mysterious Orient” during “a Brilliant Era of American Achievement.” Yet, he says, the genre of early maritime writing — the logs, letters, books, reported accounts, and more from beyond the Cape of Good Hope — reveals a different narrative of fraught encounters, apprehensive contacts, and psychological inversions. His book is an effort to relate something of this different narrative.

Dane Morrison is a professor of Early American History at Salem State University and is the author of several books, including True Yankees: The South Seas and the Discovery of American Identity, 1784-1844; Salem: Place, Myth, and Memory; and Hero or Coward: The Story of General Fitz John Porter.

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Chowder at 12:30 p.m.
Lecture begins at 1:00

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Location:Pickering House: 18 Broad Street, Salem

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