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Step in and enjoy the trip from the front door to the kitchen, which takes you through not only 300 years of history, but also through the middle of the main chimney. On your right is the library, the original room in the house. It contains Revolutionary War documents and a number of fascinating artifacts and portraits. On your left, note how John Pickering VI, who spoke 20 languages, and his wife Sarah White raised the ceiling height for a party, to keep up with the fashion of the early 1800s.

Look into the garden and imagine “Colonel Tim” in his retirement planting the copper beech, the English oaks, the European larch, and the tulip tree, all of which survive today, almost 200 years later.

Walk from the 18th century dining room alcove out onto the stone patio and in the spring appreciate the flowering kousa dogwood. Extend your stroll across Broad Street into the cemetery where you will find old stones of Pickerings and others. Turn and admire the Pickering House and consider participating in the preservation of this historic homestead.